Reimagining Pizza Hut Restaurants

Pizza Hut Restaurants is the dine in arm of Pizza Hut in the UK and has operated as a fully franchised business since 2012 when the business was acquired by Rutland Partners (a Private Equity Firm) and the current Pizza Hut Restaurants (or Heart with Smart) Management Team.

Pizza Hut Restaurants has consistently performed well in the UK and the re-concepting programme that started in 2013 accelerated this growth with a new injection of investment to improve the restaurants, people capability, operational platforms, CI processes and menu.

Seeing the potential for growth, the team led by CEO Jens Hofma, and supported by a management team with a combined tenure of 100 years have created the Heart with Smart Group, to continue investing in itsu, Pizza Hut Restaurants and other brands!


From 2012 to date, expert team have worked to create a contemporary Casual Dining brand.


Through experience engineering, focused design of the guest experience, we were able to create a proposition that appealed to a wider range of guests.


The menu has been developed to address emerging trends such as the plant-based diet movement, to help grow average order value and to celebrate the occasional Limited Time Offer that Pizza Hut Restaurants has become famous for over the years.

Taste Freedom.

In 2012, Pizza Hut Restaurants was losing relevance with young adults. In order to address this, and to grow the business a new brand articulation was developed. Taste Freedom.

This lives across all of Pizza Hut Restaurants' brand Comms, and is best articulated in the following cinema and television ad we created to support the brand relaunch.