We pride ourselves on strong operational performance, and give each unit the skills and capability to use Continuous Improvement (CI) tools and techniques to improve their performance. We have Area Managers in place, and quarterly site visits which help our units to establish their own development areas and criteria for success.

Pillars for success.


Capability development.

In Heart with Smart Group we believe that coaching talent is the best way to get our teams thinking and acting for the best of the company, whilst delivering to brand guidelines. We believe a combination of coaching, accountability and tough love when needed is the best recipe to make all of our teams shine.

Practice and Results

"What gets measured, gets managed."

Our quarterly unit visits have over a hundred different measurements touch points, which are graded to give our managers an idea of their biggest areas for improvement. We see the numbers at a centralised level, which allows us to understand the company wide problem areas, and where more coaching may be required.


Continuous Improvement.

CI is at the heart of our operations. Each location is given the skills and tools to identify problems which are most pertinent to their store. Fixes are identified at the front line.


Pizza Hut Restaurants teams have been running Continuous Improvement metrics. Their results speak for themselves.